Amanda S Altenhofen, 

A Blend of Psychobabble and Authenticity

Helping individuals and families build stronger, happier lives.

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How I Help

Individuals and Families

As a family therapist, I treat anxiety, depression, and family functioning to help your family work better together. I work in a safe and compassionate way. Together, we decide what goals you would like to achieve and work together to meet those goals. LBGTQ+ allied. Any individual or family formation is welcome to my practice.

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Therapy Motto:

I am not a therapist for everyone, but I am the therapist for someone



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Services Offered

Sessions are available on-line or in home

I offer individual therapy and family therapy. I am LGBTQ+ affirming and will see any family formation, including multiple generations.

For individuals, I will see anyone with the minimum age of 14. I focus on teenage issues of depression, anxiety, school functioning, and navigating the complex social media world. For adults, I focus on depression, anxiety and resolving past traumas.

I work helping people address grief issues, including the death of family members, friends, or pets. Grief can include loss of a job, social group, or friends for reasons other than death. These types of grief are often painful in their own way. I believe in addressing these issues in a compassionate and safe environment.

I would love to help you uncover your personalized path of healing through therapy.  I consider it an honor when clients feel free to share their personal healing journeys with me.